We Are One Community Choir



  1. The Choir is a group composed of dedicated and talented volunteers who serve the community by extending their singing talents in live concerts, providing outreach, and supplementing the funding of select school vocal music programs in our community.

  2. The group strives to provide each member with the opportunity to explore and expand his/her own individual talents, musicianship, and associated performance skills.


  1. Persons high school age and older who love to sing are eligible to become members of the Choir. Auditions are at the discretion of the Music Director.

  2. We ask that you commit to our common goal, and that you set Monday evening rehearsal, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m., as a priority.  Without this commitment from you, we cannot reach our goal.


  1. Rehearsals begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. on Monday nights.

  2. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is vital to our musical performance.  Absence from rehearsal of one or more singers can cause time consuming repetition at subsequent rehearsals.  Irregular attendance jeopardizes our work as does leaving half way through the rehearsal. We know that life and work events happen, but please do your best to make attending a priority.  If you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, your folder may be reassigned to another choir member.

  3. If you will be absent, please inform your section leader using the preferred manner (phone, text, Facebook) of that section leader.  If you cannot reach your section leader, please contact Paul Nuckolls. The section leaders will notify Bruce of members who have reported absent prior to the beginning of rehearsal.

  4. Sometime prior to a concert, a spreadsheet will be shared with the Choir where each member can indicate if he/she will make a particular performance. Please let your section leader know if your plans change so the spreadsheet can be kept up-to-date.


There are several things each choir member can do to help make each choir rehearsal a success.

  1. Arrive prior to 6:30 p.m. with a pencil equipped with an eraser to mark your music as needed.  Get your folder from the music folders box and be ready to sing.

  2. Refrain from talking during rehearsal especially when Bruce is working with a particular section so any problem areas can be quickly worked out.

  3. There will be a break usually around half-way through the rehearsal. Promptly return to your seat when the break is over.

  4. Refrain from too much talking during the dress rehearsal and the rehearsal the day of our performance so Bruce can concentrate on the placement of singers on the risers and the best music balance of the sections for the venue where we are performing.  We need to save our voices for singing.


  1. Each choir member will need to purchase a 3-hole black folder to use during a performance.  Be sure to hole-punch your music during rehearsal breaks so it will be ready at performance time.

  2. Folders are carried at your side in your left hand.

  3. Wait for Bruce to indicate when we should raise our folders for singing.

  4. When leaving for and returning from intermission, carry your folder at your side in your left hand.

  5. Work with your fellow choir members standing around you and be prepared to move a little one way or another so everyone can see Bruce and has room to open the folder.

  6. There is usually an intermission in the middle of our concerts to give members a chance to sit down and get some water.  There is usually music provided by choir members during the intermission, e.g., quartets, duets, solos, or small ensembles who have volunteered. Bruce will share with the Choir, when starting rehearsals for a new seasonal concert, what intermission music will be needed for that concert and ask for volunteers.


  1. Each member is assigned a numbered color folder; each piece of music is stamped with corresponding numbers, and should remain in that folder.

  2. If a piece of music is missing from your folder, see Bruce rather than selecting a random piece from another folder. 

  3. Hole-punch your music so that it can be placed in a 3-hole black folder for performances.

  4. After each rehearsal place your folder back in the music box in numerical order.  You can also take the folder with you if you wish to practice some of the music between rehearsals.

  5. We have previously had issues with missing music which creates an undue added expense to the Choir when it has to be replaced.  It is very important that you don’t lose any of your music.

  6. After the last performance for a specific concert series, please return the music to your colored numbered folder and place it back in the music box.


  1. Women wear a specific long black concert dress, natural color hose or no hose, and black shoes.  Since we often sing on risers, select nice shoes that will feel comfortable walking and standing on risers.

  2. Men wear a specific black tux vest, white wing tip tuxedo shirt with black plastic studs, satin bow tie (red and black), and tuxedo pants.  The men will be informed prior to a concert which bow tie, red or black, to wear for that performance.

  3. If you are new to the Choir, see your section leader on how to order and purchase the specific black dress OR specific male concert attire that the Choir is using.

  4. If you are a new choir member and cannot afford to purchase the concert attire, please share that with your section leader who will consult with the Board to see if financial aid is available.


  1. Typically, the Choir performs a spring concert, a fall concert and a Christmas concert.  The Choir usually provides pre-concert music for the Boar’s Head Festival at Peace Lutheran and The Nutcracker at Rickman Auditorium, and provides Christmas Caroling to local senior facilities in December.  A schedule of events will be provided to each member.

  2. The type of music that we sing varies from concert to concert and can be sacred to secular (classical to patriotic topop to Broadway to folk).


  1. Currently, the Choir communicates via Facebook Public Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/262338577065/ , email and announcements during rehearsals.  We also have a new website, www.waocc.org, that we will be utilizing.  Pleasecheck it out.  A copy of this handbook ison the website along with planned performances, videos, and photos.

  2. New members will be asked to provide their name, telephone number, email address and whether they use Facebook. 

  3. Existing members will be asked to review and confirm their information once a year so that Bruce and the Board have correct information.  If any of your information changes during the year, please notify your section leader so the master list can be updated.

  4. If you have a question about something your first source should be your section leader, but any of the Board members can also answer questions.

  5. Flyers are provided to choir members to share with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and businesses to advertise each main concert.  Choir members are encouraged to utilize these flyers to ensure a good audience for our concerts.

  6. If a rehearsal or event has to be cancelled due to weather or some other circumstance, each section leader will text the members of their section to inform them.  Each section member should then respond to the text so that the section leader knows that the text was received and understood.